Our Clinicians

From First Responders to Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine Consultants and Critical Care Paramedics, our clinicians are second to none providing gold standard event medical cover across the UK.

An Overview of Our Event Clinicians


ECS has rapidly gained a reputation for providing some of the best clinicians in the event industry, and they truly separate us from our competitors. As the specialists in ‘bolt-on’ provision, our teams need to be at the top of their game, so here’s how:

  • We only use healthcare professionals with current NHS employment at events we cover
  • We conduct a rigorous selection process and induction programme to ensure that the care provided at events is of a high standard
  • Each clinician must complete our minor injury and discharge training before become operational - reducing hospital admissions and improving the safety of our service
  • We provide regular continued professional development and mandatory training days ensure our teams maintain their skills
  • Using standardised and top-level equipment and wearing a smart, professional uniform, we support them to do what they do best

What Clinicians Can Be Provided at Events?



We operate two tiers of Event Doctor provision; Enhanced Care, delivered by Senior Emergency Medicine Registrars (ST4+) and Critical Care, delivered by Pre-Hospital Emergency Medicine (PHEM) Consultants. These individuals are able to provide huge intervention during an event, from minor injury management to critical care interventions such as anaesthesia and organ support.

Many event providers use Doctors who are not equipped or experienced in seeing undifferentiated, acutely unwell patients, nor are they properly supported to deliver senior interventions on site. Contact us for more information about how our Doctor provision is so different to our competitors.


With at least two years post-qualification experience in either emergency or critical care environments , our nursing team bring huge experience to the medical centre environment. Our Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Prescribers can manage a wide caseload and regularly work as part of our large event teams.

Specialist Paramedics:

Our Critical Care Paramedics offer a range of additional skills, including the use of advanced analgesia and procedural sedation. All currently working as part of NHS pre-hospital critical care resources, and having undergone additional training with ECS, these individuals are often seen working as part of our Enhanced and Critical Care Teams or being tasked to the most unwell patients during an event.

Our Urgent Care Paramedics all currently work as SPUC/ECP’s within the NHS. These individuals have additional minor injury and illness capabilities, allowing them to see, treat and discharge a wider range of patients. Supported by our remote advice consultant team, and with the governance to support their work, they are often some of the busiest clinicians on an event site.

Event Paramedic:

ECS only uses current NHS Paramedics to cover events who have at least two years post-HCPC registration frontline experience and have completed our tough selection programme. Able to administer a range of medications and equipped to deal with both minor and major injuries and illnesses, our Event Paramedics regularly undergo continued professional development to ensure they are providing the very best paramedical cover to your event.

First Responders:

All ECS First Responders are current student Healthcare Professionals and/or respond for an NHS Ambulance Service. Our specialist in-house course increases their competency to provide minor injury assessment and management, basic life support, trauma and medical injury and illness management. They regularly train alongside the whole medical team, meaning they understand the need for senior input and escalation.

Emergency Medical Dispatchers:

For large scale events, we have a number of NHS Emergency Medical Dispatchers to run the medical dispatching from the operations centre. These are often supported by one of our senior team who are current NHS ambulance commanders.


Critical Care Teams:
Delivered by a PHEM Consultant and Critical Care Paramedic, this team is capable of delivering pre-hospital emergency anaesthesia and organ support, under a well governed and SOP driven system. Usually working on HEMS teams across the country, they are perfectly suited for road or air assets at your event. They are equipped with advanced monitoring, critical care medications, automated compression devices, point of care testing and ICU level ventilators, rivalling any NHS critical care team.

Enhanced Care Teams:
Delivered by an Emergency Medicine registrar and Critical Care Paramedic, this team is one of our most popular requests. Capable of seeing, treating and discharging many patients and delivering advanced interventions such as procedural sedation where required, they are perfectly suited to most medium to high risk events. Operating at a medical centre or from a response vehicle, this team can be deployed to many situations around the event site and are equipped with both minor illness, minor injury and enhanced care equipment.

Resuscitation Teams:
Working in the resuscitation area of a medical centre, this team is comprised of a PHEM Consultant, Airway Assistant (CCP or EM Nurse), a Nurse or Paramedic and an EM registrar. Equipped with lifesaving critical care medications, advanced monitoring, ICU level ventilators, and automated compression devices, this team is a must for large scale high risk events.
Remote Clinical Advice.
During every event, ECS Consultant Doctors and Consultant Paramedics are on call for advice for any of our clinicians. This allows a robust approach to providing enhanced care, and allows individuals to gain further advice from senior colleagues.


From 4x4 stretcher capable response vehicles to emergency ambulances and air assets, we can provide the right vehicle to your event.

Medical Facilities

From a one bed treatment area to multiple tiered, emergency department style medical centres with full resuscitation, majors and minor injuries equipment.

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